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St. Agnes Marine Conservation Group

The St Agnes Marine Conservation Group is entirely run by volunteers to promote the St Agnes Voluntary Marine Conservation Area and help everyone to enjoy and appreciate the fantastic wildlife and wild places St Agnes has to offer.

The VMCA (Voluntary Marine Conservation Area) of Trevaunance and Trevellas Coves were established in 1997, since then the area has been supported by dedicated volunteers. This voluntary protection designation is not to impose restrictions on people but rather engage communities and encourage sensible use of the natural resources in the area. 


In 2012 the St. Agnes Marine Conservation Group was set up, with the help of Cornwall Wildlife Trust, support the VMCA and is entirely run by volunteers to;

 – Protect and conserve the marine environment

 – Raise awareness and increase understanding of the marine environment

 – Encourage education and research within the marine environment                                  

 St Agnes Marine Conservation Group is made up of friendly volunteers from all walks of life who really care about the environment and who between them have a vast amount of knowledge which they would love to share with you, however much or little you know already.  You might enjoy putting a few names to already familiar plants and creatures, filling in a bit of detail about their lives, or making some new acquaintances.  You do not have to remember all the detail, just be prepared to be amazed at what is out there and how they exist.  A warm welcome awaits anyone who would like to come along to any of the events which take place over the year, details of which are on the website.  Do give it a try – we would love to see you there!


Share your wildlife sightings with St Agnes MCG

Click here to submit your sighting through the St Agnes recording group on Online Recording for Kernow and Scilly (ORKS) – supported by ERCCIS

BND from St Agnes head by Dan Murphy

  The St Agnes VMCA Website is kindly sponsored by Cornwall College Newquay




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