Cetacean, shark and seal watch at St Agnes Head

Posted by on May 24, 2012

A total of 30 people joined St Agnes Marine Conservation Group Volunteers at St Agnes Head to look for dolphins, porpoises, sharks and seals on Saturday 19 May, a beautiful clear sunny day with a calm sea, perfect conditions for spotting wildlife!

As well as enjoying a fantastic view along the North Cornish coast we were lucky enough to briefly see at least one porpoise and a playful seal eating a fish as well as gannets, fulmars, razor bills and many other seabirds.

Lots of people new to the project came along and were keen to get involved with future events and went home full of enthusiasm clutching event leaflets and marine wildlife guides. We are all looking forward to the next marine event as well as sending in our sightings to Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

So if you see some interesting wildlife in the water or the shore please go to the online recording for Cornwall and Isles of Silly website – www.orks.ork.uk


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