Rocky Shore

The beach at Trevaunance Cove provides easy access to a fabulous area of rock pools stretching as far as Trevellas Cove. This is a great place to start exploring our fascinating marine life. A quick look in some pools and under rocks should soon reveal various small fish, crabs, limpets and mussels plus many different sorts of seaweed. Look more carefully and you should start to find all sorts of creatures including sponges, seasquirts, whelks, topshells, prawns and anemones.

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The bigger pools closer to the low tide mark may reveal more surprises including large fish and crabs along with squat lobsters and species of sea slugs like sea lemons and sea hares.

The MCG arranges an annual rocky shore survey as well as running rockpool rambles throughout the year where you can learn more about the plants and animals that live on the shore and how to find them

Every year we run a rocky shore survey and have created a checklist of all species  found on the VMCA. We also take part in many other other professional shore surveys along with countless rockpool rambles across the rocks every summer. Some of the species on this list are found around the extreme low water mark or just below – Please let us know if you find anything not on the list.

This list is available to download here.
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