The St Agnes MCG was set buy research papers buy essay club up on 2012 through the support of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust Your Shore Project. Between 2010 and 2013, the Your   Shore project worked with the 5 Voluntary Marine Conservation Areas (VMCAs) around Cornwall to help people access their rich and diverse marine environment through inspiration and education.

The Your Shore Project enabled the St Agnes volunteers to form their own Local Specialist Group called St Agnes Marine Conservation Group.

We aim to promote the VMCA and Marine Conservation by;

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    Protect and conserve the marine environment
  • Raise awareness and increase understanding of the marine environment
  • Encourage education and research within the marine environment

To achieve these aims we run activities to showcase the local wildlife and habitats to all ages. We organise seabird, cetacean, underwater and rocky shore surveys with local volunteers and run other events from beach cleaning to film nights all to involve the community


Marine Discovery Day


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St Agnes MCG logo


Some words from a St Agnes Marine Conservation Group volunteer

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Volunteer Beach Ranger 2013


The St Agnes MVCA Beach Ranger Project

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Shore survey at St Agnes VMCA


Cornwall College Newquay’s work with the St Agnes MCG

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