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I am absolutely hopeless at remembering names.  When my husband and I moved to St Agnes a few years abuy research paper college paper writergo we didn’t know a soul, which was pretty daunting after living all our lives in the same area where generations of both of our families had deep roots.  Getting to know people from scratch takes time.  It all began with a friendly “hello”, then gradually we started to recognise those people we saw regularly and we began to build up a picture of who they are, where they live and how they fit into the jigsaw of village life.  The better we get to know people, the more interest we take in them and their welfare.  Eventually names have begun to stick and real friendships are evolving.  Fortunately for me, I don’t need to remember someone’s name to enjoy the warmth and pleasure of their company.

Becoming acquainted with wildlife can be much the same process.  No-one should be discouraged because they cannot put a name to most of the plants and creatures which make upbuy research paper college paper writerour magnificent countryside and marine environment, because all that really matters is that you enjoy them and care about their welfare.   By taking time to make friends with wildlife, every walk you take will have added interest and pleasure.

Snakelocks AnemoneSt Agnes Marine Conservation Group is made up of friendly volunteers from all walks of life who really care about the environment and who between them have a vast amount of knowledge which they would love to share with you, however much or little you know already.  You might enjoy putting a few names to already familiar plants and creatures, filling in a bit of detail about their lives, or making some new acquaintances.  You do not have to remember all the detail, just be prepared to be amazed at what is out there and how they exist.  A warm welcome awaits anyone who would like to come along to any of the events which take place over the year, details of which are on the website.  Do give it a try – we would love to see you there!

 Volunteer – St Agnes Marine Conservation Group

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