The St. Agnes Marine Conservation Group is dedicated to the protection of the natural environment of the VMCA and surrounding area.

Cornwall is home to some of the richest marine wildlife from tiny rare colourful corals to giant basking sharks, but our seas urgently need protecting. The cliffs of the North coast are ideal habitat for breeding sea birds as well as birds of prey and the iconic Chough. The coast of the Southwest is home to one of the world’s more endangered species – the Grey Seal!

These animals and the habitats in which they live are under pressure from a variety of threats, but through the work of the St Agnes MCG and other groups and charities in Cornwall we can protect the wild places for us and future generations to enjoy.

Find out more about threats facing the natural environment of St. Agnes and what’s being done to protect it


Beach Litter by Mindi Hill

Marine Litter

Rubbish Pollution is a world wide issue which it is believed can be seen on pretty much any beach in the world, including beaches here in Cornwall.

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 Marine Conservation Zones

Protected areas, including Marine Conservation Zones, are one of the most crucial tools for conserving marine wildlife

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Sea Shore Code

Sea Shore Code

Follow the code of conduct and lower your impact on  on the shore while you discover and explore

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 Marine StrandingsCWT Marine Strandings Network

Cornwall is a UK hotspot for stranded marine life, and so many organisations operate in Cornwall to rescue and record these animals.

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