While your exploying the Shore of St Agnes VMCA please remember to have as little impact on the animals and plants that live there by following the Code of Conduct


  • Sea Shore Code Leave live animals and seaweeds where you find them and only take photos home!
  • Always put overturned rocks back carefully as you found them
  • Make sure a shell is empty before taking it home
  • Take your litter home with you or put it in a bin
  • Be careful on the shore at all times – check the tides and keep away from the cliffs 
  • Report anything unusual washed up on the beach or spotted offshore
  •  Walk and climb carefully, so you don’t knock animals or crush shells
  • Wear sensible clothing and footwear


Marine Disturbance

Basking Shark by Niki Clear

For more information about how to behave near marine wildlife, such as Basking Sharks, Birds, Cetaceans and Seal, and the Codes of Conduct please see the Coastal Code website

Disturbance of marine wildlife can cause many problems, from stress and behaviour change to serious injury and death. Many species are now under serious threat from human disturbance.We can all make a difference and safely enjoy observing these beautiful animals by following some simple rules.

 If you see marine wildlife being disturbed, please call Cornwall Wildlife Trust on their 24 hour hotline 0345 2012626 immediately and, if possible, take photos.

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